Renyuan Full-stack Developer Learning, recording, writing and coding.

Renyuan Zou (邹任远)

An intermediate full-stack web developer using Ruby or PHP to write server-side APIs and Javascript to build client-side user interface. Building user-friendly applications is always my design and development objective.


  • Master, MIAGE (or Business Informatics), University of Aix-Marseille, France.
  • Licence, Economics and management / 1st year of MIAGE, University of Aix-Marseille, France.

Recent Experience

RendezvousCheznous, Junior Web Developer

Nov. 2015 - Oct. 2016

Marseille, France

  • Server-side (PHP Symfony 2):
    • Oauth2 integration of Facebook and Google accounts for users.
    • Geocoding micro-service using Google API and implementation a cache system for geocoded data.
    • Multi-pricing for products(tourism and travel-related services) on the platform.
    • Discount on products and promotion code integration.
    • Admin interface updates for ease-use and custom querying.
  • Client-side (HTML5 / CSS3 / jQuery):
    • Refactoring Javascript code for Business logic heavy pages, like products searching page, product information page, payment process page.
    • Participated the responsive interface rework of the whole project.
    • Updating the landing page of a new design., Chinese food delivery platform, Owner

March 2015 - present


This is a side-project made to help Chinese who live in France find delicious Chinese style restaurants and order food online. I’ve started this project in order to test my coding skills and see how far I can get to as a developer and product owner as well. I used some recent technologies such as:

  • Ruby on Rails to build backend. Rails is no longer a recent backend framework but something I really love. It gives me a productive, efficient and funny way to write server-side code.
  • React to build user interface.
  • Docker to deploy my application to DigitalOceans VPS.

Things I have tried:

  • Using ActionCable, new feature in Rails 5 to easily build real-time communication over WebSockets, to make real-time notification when order’s status changes.
  • Writing API endpoints with Rails 5 API mode.
  • Clean but complexe ordering page with React.js to make Javascript code more readable, maintainable and even reusable.
  • Making deployment easy by packing Rails application, nginx, postgresql, redis into docker and monitoring using Slack bot notification, which saved me days and money to deploy.

Ruby gems heavily used in the project:

Rails 5 (for sure), Devise (Authentication), minitest (Testing), sidekiq (Background jobs), aasm (State Machine), activeadmin (Admin Interface), carrierwave (Files uploading), etc..

Open Source

Leonids, Owner


A basic and clean Jekyll blog theme.


  • Server-Side & Database
    • **** Ruby (Ruby on Rails)
    • *** PHP (Symfony)
    • ** Java, J2EE
    • *** Nginx
    • **** MySQL, Postgresql
    • *** Redis
    • ** Docker
  • Client-Side
    • *** HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery
    • *** React.js
    • ** Vue.js
    • ** ES6
    • ** npm, yarn
    • * Webpack